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This network exists to help people and businesses win in on-demand delivery and related services

Many things changed during 2020 and putting aside the bad news that we’re all too often reminded off, 2020 created a new spirit of helping each other and an openess to partnership, to test, to learn, and to improve.

Business models have changed too, with large upfront fees replaced with win/win models and suppliers engaged with the success of the businesses they are supporting. Yes some suppliers have been proactive in this but I’ve seen a seismic shift in new commercial arrangements, customer success managers and win/win models.

It’s this spirit that we want to bring onto this platform and help provide each other with a useful resource for all things on-demand and delivery related.

The platform is free to access and everything on here written and presented from experience and research. The suppliers and partners on here are the best we have found to date that we have experience with, so you can be confident in asking for testimonials or referrals from quality businesses who have tried, tested and ultimately use or have used their services.

We deliberately called this a Network platform as we want to learn what you do and how we can help or you can help others. We also want to hear from you about what we can provide to make this network your secret weapon. This isn’t a network where someone is going to turn up and thrust a business card into your face and try to “sell” you stuff you have no interest in. This is a network of like minded people, excited by opportunities, working in food or drink interested in on-demand delivery or next day delivered products and services.

The network won’t work without you. So please do get involved, share what you’d like help with, let us put you in contact with other great people and businesses and help you win.

If you believe that working in partnership, sharing ideas and feedback, learning from others and sharing your skills is the way to win then we really hope you find that here.

The is run and managed as a non paid for resource to help people and businesses win in foodservice. We have on-demand delivery experts, partnership experts, trend experts, marketing, menu development and tech experts all provide information. The resource is free but if you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Here’s a few ways you can get involved for FREE

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  • Send us feedback – what can we do better?

Here’s a few ways you can support the network

  • Suppliers if you have an offer or want to talk to us email us here
  • Suppliers you find out how to sponsor us here
  • If you have industry news or research you want to share
  • If you’ve received value from the site you can donate here.
    • All monies go towards the site upkeep and improvements.
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Here at FODD our team of expert consultants are happy to demonstrate how our network partners can help your food business.

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