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In this first post we’ll direct you to some applications and services we think you should check out.

We also want to hear of your experiences and what’s adding value to your business.

Order Ahead Apps

Surely one the must have applications from 2020 and something we firmly believe is here to stay and only rise in popularity. There’s a huge amount of choice out there and we’ll cover some in more details but our top line recommendations

  • Do your research and find providers with lots of testimonials
  • Be clear on your requirements
  • Very rarely will building your own be the right option
  • Get recommendations
  • Don’t over pay
  • Be wary of new suppliers and new to market platforms – don’t avoid, just be wary that the tech works and is well supported
  • Further integrations  – consider your longer term needs
  • We have a few recommendations but speak to us so we can direct you to the right ones

Order aggregation middleware

  • These services pull together the third party platform orders into one easy to use device. If you’re operation is struggling to manage 3 platforms for each brand menu you run then these middleware operators can provide you with an excellent ROI by driving forward your KPI’s
  •  Find out which of these three is our top recommendation and why from
    • BistroHUB
    • Deliverect
    • Otter

Curbside delivery

  • Add curbside delivery to turn your business into a virtual drive through
  • We are unashamedly associated with this technology and curbside will be a big channel in the UK
  • Get in touch as we are looking for sites to test for free as we build up case studies
  • Curbside can be used for any retail business where customers would benefit from parking and having their goods delivered to their vehicle
  • Get in touch and let’s talk about giving you a free trial of iAmHere

Staffing resource apps and services

  • Gigable can supply you with temporary deliver drivers by the shift
  • STINT seeks to supply you with workers to do the lesser skilled roles in your business so your permanent team can focus their skills where its most beneficial to your business
  • CATAPULT will supply you with temporary staff on an hourly basis
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