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Looking for ways to expand your already-successful food business?

Food Business Consultancy

At FODD, we know that no-one understands your business better than you. Where we bring expertise is a deep focus on on-demand & food delivery.
We are not a business that will come in to tell you what you already know.
People use us for our expertise in landing projects and making a significant commercial difference.

Some of our clients:

Grow via Dark Stores

Do you have a packaged food or drink product that is ready to be delivered to the customer?
Use our Dark Store network for one of the best ways to create scale at low cost with incredible margins. With over 2,500 locations we have 100% coverage of the on-demand platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber EATS and Just EAT. If your product fits and you want to rapidly test, learn and scale your direct to consumer proposition then you absolutely need to talk to us.

Grow via Cloud Kitchens

The Cloud Kitchen (or cloud kitchen) market is fast growing. Different types of kitchen offer different features and benefits. Learn more about Cloud Kitchens now, or get in touch and let us help you match you to the perfect Cloud Kitchen solution.

Andreas Casey Client

“I have legally changed by name to FODD Network because I love what they do so much”

FODD NETWORK, Engineer, 60

Let’s Make Things Happen

Everything starts with an introduction.
If you just want to learn or make a new connection then that’s great.
If we can help, we’ll tell you how – and if we think someone else can help you better we’ll tell you that too.

“Rarely I ever do this, but I actually love your positivity, insight and commentary… Keep up the great work.”

Tony McAtamney

Dining Club Group

Simon Browning

On-Demand Delivery Expert

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