The countdown is on. It’s not long now until we’ll be firing up the stoves, switching our order pad on for the very first time and inviting the people of Glasgow city centre and GOLF FANG to get a taste of our brand-new on-demand delivery offering. And, with the set-up almost complete, we are more excited than ever to get started on our pencilled in date of the first week of August.

Going on-demand with KBOX GLOBAL

As you know, we’ve partnered up with the fantastic team at KBOX GLOBAL who are supporting our latest venture in on-demand delivery – project GOLF FANG. We needed to get to market quickly, and KBOX has enabled us to do just that.

There’s no denying, setting up any new on-demand delivery business is no mean feat. There’s a significant amount of time, thought, effort, hard work and financial commitment involved in pulling off a successful food delivery service. But with KBOX, it couldn’t be any easier.

KBOX invest a great deal of time and commitment in their onboarding process. Providing a stress-free and seamless set-up, they are committed to giving businesses just like ours the very best opportunity to quickly and efficiently increase food sales, boost kitchen productivity and thrive within the local delivery market.

They’ve taken care of everything, from start to finish, and as we reach the final stages of the set-up phase, we’ve got so much to write home about when it comes to our journey with KBOX so far.

Here’s a snapshot of what KBOX’s onboarding process looks like:

  • Demographic and competitor research
  • Brand selection
  • Ready to go brands
  • Pre-designed menus
  • Photography
  • The delivery aggregate set up
  • Marketing
  • Ingredient and product packaging sourcing
  • Full training and guidance
  • The tech set up

It all starts with the research

Glasgow city centre

Step 1: the demographic and competitor research. One of the very first things KBOX did for us was to conduct some detailed research within our local delivery catchment. They looked at the demographic profiles of those living and working within Glasgow City Centre.
This gave us:

  • a clear outlook on our potential reach
  • a guideline on our catchment’s propensity to order
  • the average delivery customers’ spend
  • a great understanding of our target audience’s order habits and brand preferences

To get a lay of the land within our local delivery area, KBOX also checked out what competitors were already offering, highlighting any potential overlaps as well as gaps in the market for specific flavours and cuisine styles. KBOX determined that our brand reach was complimentary to their kitchen already operating but in a different catchment area

Brand and menu selection

Next came the brand selection. Based on the data collected by KBOX’s research team and our long-term ambitions, KBOX advised which brands were likely to give us the best possible reach within our delivery catchment and also go down well with GOLF FANG customers looking to refresh and refuel.

We’ve chosen three of KBOX’s delivery brands:

  • Absurd Bird – a fun and funky fried chicken-based menu incorporating a selection of wings, juicy stacked chicken burgers, chicken tenders and waffles.
  • Absurd Vird – an innovative, flavourful all-vegan menu mixing it up with vegan chicken burgers, sliders, garlic-rubbed fries, crispy salads and vegan mac and cheese.
  • Super Rico – a bright and colourful menu infused with Mexican-inspired flavours that includes fresh tacos, low carb bowls, quesadillas and sticky cinnamon churros.

Is your mouth watering yet? We can’t wait to get cooking and start sharing these exciting new flavours with our customers.

Pre-designed menus and dishes

chicken burger

With KBOX, we haven’t had to commit our time and effort into conjuring up new on-trend menus and show-stopping dishes. It’s all in the pipeline ready for when we hit go!

Each menu and dish has already been carefully pre-designed for us by KBOX’s very own Michelin Star Chefs who know a thing or two about producing delivery menus full to the brim of a diverse selection of unforgettable flavours that keep customers coming back time and time again.

And these menus are smart. They complement one another in more ways than one. KBOX optimise the use of their products, using a small pool of ingredients to provide the largest menu possible. Even the product packaging itself is modular and can be used across all three brands. Less waste equals a more efficient kitchen with greater scope to maximise return.

And for the ingredient sourcing?

Signed, sealed and delivered; KBOX has set us up with a nominated supplier who’ll provide us with everything we’ll need to produce our selected KBOX brands and menus.
Typically, supply chain management is something that requires the right skills, know-how and expertise. KBOX has got this covered down to a T.

From the burger buns through to the chicken, they’ve already:

  • found trusted and reliable suppliers
  • handpicked the quality ingredients
  • negotiated the best prices

For us, this has been hugely timesaving. All we need to do is manage our stock levels to keep up with in-house and delivery demand.

Delivery set up

Our three chosen KBOX brands are going to be available to delivery customers living and working within Glasgow City Centre. In order to make this happen, each brand will be available to order via UberEats.

Customers within our delivery catchment will be able to find KBOX brands via the platform, check out their awesome menus and order and pay online. UberEats will manage the delivery and all we’ve got to do is take care of the cooking. Delivery aggregator setup is something that is also included in KBOX’s onboarding process. They’ve negotiated the contract with UberEats and placed us on the map.

And for the product imagery? Well, you’re probably picking up on a running theme here. That’s right, KBOX have taken care of this too. We don’t have to fork out to capture new images of our delivery menu. Instead, KBOX has done the legwork and have provided us with up to date, quality product imagery of each menu item.

KBOX will also take care of the marketing of each brand, frequently sharing content across social media to generate brand awareness and widen customer reach.

Getting technical

The tech-set up is one of the final stages of KBOX’s onboarding process. It’s an important stage of the process that KBOX focus a great deal of time and attention on in order to support the smooth running of their partners’ on-demand delivery businesses.

To manage orders coming in from all three brands via UberEats customers we’re going to need a streamlined order management system that keeps track of orders and enables us to update our menus all in one place.

KBOX have been working alongside Deliverect to provide us with middleware software that does just that. With one order tablet, rather than multiple tablets for each brand, our kitchen teams will be able to manage each incoming order quickly and easily, reducing the chance of errors, which ultimately is key for providing excellent customer satisfaction.

And when it’s time to get cooking?


So, we’re very nearly there and ready to launch our latest venture in on-demand delivery. But of course, to make all of this happen, there’s just one final piece of the puzzle. We need a fantastic kitchen team to actually prepare KBOX brands for in-house and delivery customers.

We’ve put the management of our kitchen team into the very capable hands of our newest recruit, Rachel, who’s taken on the role of kitchen manager within our new location. KBOX have been working closely with our kitchen manager and have even invited her to KBOX HQ where their teams will provide specific training on how to cook and prepare KBOX dishes.

We understand that in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience of our chosen brands, consistency in quality is key. KBOX will also provide our kitchen staff with a suite of additional training videos, as well as ongoing support to ensure that our team have the confidence and capability to prepare tasty dishes, order after order.

The KBOX approach vs the DIY approach

Thinking of partnering with KBOX to start your very own on-demand delivery service? In summary, this is what the set-up looks like with KBOX, compared to if we started from scratch and went for the DIY approach.

The DIY approachPartnering with KBOX
Demographic and competitor researchInvesting time and money in detailed research of the local delivery marketThey carry out the research and development for you
Brand and menu designCreating a new brand from scratch that attracts customers, implementing a brand strategy, designing the menu, creating recipes and trialling new dishesReady to go, tried and test brands, menus and dishes created by leading industry experts and Michelin Star chefs
Brand marketingCreating social media accounts, developing online platforms include websites and order-ahead apps, uploading products and managing orders and implementing the marketing strategy and activities for each brandKBOX take care of the marketing for each brand
Supply chain managementResearching and sourcing reliable suppliers to provide quality ingredients and packaging, negotiating on pricing and managing relationships with suppliersKBOX have already nominated approved suppliers, selected the products and negotiated on pricing
3rd party platformsSelecting third-party platforms, negotiating a contract and listing products on these platformsThey’ll choose the best platforms for the delivery area and target audience, negotiate the best contract and list each menu item on the platforms
PhotographyInvesting in quality imagery productsAll images are provided
Order management systemsResearching and purchasing the technological infrastructure to manage orders, inventory and customer communicationsKBOX provide the most efficient middleware software and hardware needed to run on-demand delivery
Kitchen team trainingPlanning and providing team trainingKBOX provide a range of digital training guides on how to cook each dish

Imagine taking the list of to-do’s and applying a time and cost equation to doing it yourself v working with someone like KBOX. For the ease, cost-saving and potential additional delivery revenue to complement what we are planning to serve GOLF FANG guests – so far it’s a no-brainer. We are so pleased with the journey so far. Stay tuned to find out more.

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