The customer engagement tool for hospitality. 

Understand who, when, where and how often your customers visit.

Airship is a data-driven hospitality loyalty engine that automatically increases visit frequency. It is a powerful, all-encompassing customer data management and broadcast platform that drives revenue through intelligent customer journeys. 

Airship doesn’t charge for the size of your database or the amount of broadcasts you send. Just a single flat rate per location. It’s experts are also on hand to really help you drive an ROI.

What are the benefits of the product?

  • Understand who, when, where and how often your customers visit Airship’s Proof of Presence metrics take all of your existing data points that demonstrate a person on your database was in one of your locations (think booking, WiFi, unique code redemption), consolidates and deduplicates all that information, and tells you all sorts of stuff about the visiting habits of your database.
  • Simplified automation – Greet your customers and welcome them to your brand. Say happy birthday and reward them for their special occasions.
  • Interaction triggers – Trigger communications when your customers make purchases, log-on to WiFi, leave feedback, make bookings, reach milestones and many more.
  • Retain – Keep your data clean. Automate re-engagement or cut them loose with our built-in retention tools.

Why this products helps generates sales and profit in on demand delivery / why should someone buy it

  • All your data in one place – 40+ integrations
  • Understand your data – Airship’s Proof of Presence metrics are available as standard
  • Broadcast beautiful and smart customer journeys and campaigns – All automated email journeys available as standard
  • Flat rate plan – Predictable payments based on the number of locations


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