One single platform to manage all of your online deliveries. Transform your Restraunts’s home delivery operations with Bistrohub.

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Managing several delivery channels, on-demand delivery riders and your in-house systems at once can be challenging in a time with limited resources and personnel.

Bistrohub provides businesses in the hospitality industry with a one-stop omnichannel solution- aggregating delivery channels, e-commerce tools, on-demand delivery and POS systems into one centralised Bistrohub.

Allowing you to streamline your day-to-day operations using a single tablet and system, making human error a thing of the past through full order and menu automation across all tools from POS to printer, reducing manual errors from 14% on average to 0%.

Their proprietary technology provides the most reliable solution to food chains and retailers, with extended functionality and deep integrations at product and menu level, offering you the smoothest delivery operations in the industry.

The startup aims to help business owners navigate the sometimes chaotic world of online delivery platforms through their delivery management software.

Bistrohub is providing free consulting services for their clients with no setup fees until 2022 in order to help businesses weather the impact of COVID-19.

The power of 360º integration:

bistrohub 360 integrations

  • Complete integration of all delivery platforms and sales funnels.
  • On-demand integrations with Orkestro and Stuart for direct orders.
  • Inventory, purchase and order management with Marketman and Katoo.
  • Custom POS and e-commerce integration.


What are the key advantages of partnering with Bistrohub?

Increase sales

Clients like Wasabi and Pizza Room have seen on average a 29% increase in sales by adding new sales funnels in their first year, a reduction of double typing errors to 0% and a 15% increase in delivery operation productivity.

Keep everything in one place

All orders and metrics can be accessed in one place. You can take advantage of multi-location management and different access levels for owners, area managers and operators.

Quickly update opening hours and menu items

Centralised management of menus, opening times and product availability means that you can edit hundreds of locations and platforms with a single menu.

Boost your efficiency

Realtime data analysis enables you to track internal KPIs to better understand and optimise your entire production line, including preparation time.

Specific plans for Dark Kitchen

Bistrohub’s stand-alone Dark Kitchen solution is ideal for virtual brands to run their entire operation, with Kitchen Display System and takeaway order creation included and no POS required.

Provide a better user experience

Eaters get a better user experience thanks to the reduction in errors, delays and cancellations and consequently, positioning on the main platforms improves.


Client testimonials:

The Pizza Room London

The Pizza Room

Pamela Tironi, owner of The Pizza Room said: “We’ve had to rapidly change our model from being a predominately sit-in restaurant to delivery only and Bistrohub has helped us manage this change. Feedback from the managers and operations team has been very positive. They particularly enjoy the ability to manage the menus and channels from one place. As we have multiple locations this used to be very complicated as we had to make the changes on several different tablets. The ability to also see live data across our delivery platforms and e-commerce is also very helpful as it allows us to get a good overview of our monthly expenditure across all our channels. ”


Shanghai Mama, Madrid

Shanghai Mama

“Let’s imagine a typical day for one of our restaurants. A shift with the team busy taking orders from eight or nine tables while the tablets are buzzing incessantly with incoming orders from the various delivery platforms. Between service and service, the restaurant’s staff have to quickly check all of the orders and rewrite them by hand in the POS terminal to send them to the kitchen, with all that entails.

It was an operational mess with errors happening on the orders being retyped and a decrease in focus from our staff, it was impacting our service and Bistrohub has made all the difference streamlining our delivery operations.”

Patricia from Shanghai Mama, Madrid, Spain.

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