Bluone is a food and wine tour company in Bologna, connecting fellow foodies and wine lovers to the very best that Italy has to offer.

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Meet Marcello and Raffaella, the wonderful faces behind Bluone.

Marcello and Raffaella from Bluone


The couple began touring in 1995, after a number of years working as travel agents. Their zest for life and love of travel, great food and fabulous wine has led them to create unforgettable gastro experiences for those searching for a real taste of authentic Italian life and culture.

These tours really are unique. With an infectious passion for exquisite, locally produced food and drink, coupled with a deep-rooted knowledge of Italian cuisine and heritage, Bluone’s tours are perfect for budding explorers with an inquisitive pallet, looking to get their teeth stuck into the flavours and culinary experiences Italy has to offer.

From wine tasting and winery visits, meals out at the best local restaurants and traditional Italian cookery classes, to truffle hunting experiences, laboratory visits and food tasting, their indulgent, experiential tours really are any foodie’s dream.

Bluone tours take you right to the heart of Italian culture. Each journey invites you to discover new flavours, lift the lid on guarded secrets and recipes that have been passed from generation to generation and immerse yourself in Italian life, all whilst meeting new friends and making memories to remember.


What can Bluone do for FODD members?

People travel from far and wide to join their tours. Across Italy, Marcello and Raffaella have become well known amongst the local producers and restaurants they’ve met along the way.

They know all of the hidden gems, leading the way to the best quality local products in and amongst the most beautiful, off the beaten trail spots.


Helping to connect you to the best of Italy

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Marcello and Raffaella have a great wealth of knowledge and strong relationships with some of Italy’s best local food and wine producers.

The pair know exactly where to go to find the best homemade pasta, the most fragrant wines, the melt in your mouth cheeses, the best quality olive oils and so much more.


Explore great Italian produce

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Bring a touch of traditional Italy into your own delivery service or restaurant.

If you are looking to treat your customers to something extra special and truly authentic directly from Italy, these are the guys to talk to.

Whether it be olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, authentic balsamic vinegar produced in Modena, prosciutto Sangiovese from Bologna or Prosecco wines, the couple can help you to find the right local Italian supplier to bring the real flavourful Italian experience into your dishes, in house and on delivery.

They also have great connections with small wineries that produced the most fantastic wines from indigenous grapes, giving you and your customers prime access to exclusive wines and untapped flavours.


Supporting local businesses



At the heart of what they do, is supporting local businesses.

They step away from commercialised and mass-produced products to shine the spotlight on local people and local heritage. That’s what makes what they do unique and so very special.

With such a fabulous level of insight and knowledge of local Italy, Bluone are able to use their expertise to help FODD members to find and source quality, locally produced Italian ingredients.

It’s important to note that they aren’t all about big suppliers and large-scale production. Rather, they bring things closer to home, helping to support Italian local producers by connecting them to UK local independent businesses.

If you’re a local independent business looking to build a relationship with a quality local producer in Italy, Marcello and Raffaella would love to find out how they can help.


Get in touch with Marcello and Raffaella to find out more.

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