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A purpose-driven brand on a mission to lead change from within the drinks industry. It’s all good with Feel Good Drinks.

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Feel Good Drinks have burst onto the UK drinks scene with a refreshing perspective on caring for people and the planet. Inside every can and within every drop of 100% natural-flavoured sparkling water is a little love for the planet and a reason to feel good.


Why Feel Good Drinks?

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Taking a sustainable approach

Feel Good Drinks is a brand that exists to make the world feel better, one sip at a time. The drinks are manufactured here in the UK and packaged into non-toxic, plastic-free aluminium cans. Everything down to the water-based ink used on the cans is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Feel Good are all about helping to sustain the beautiful planet we live on by cutting back on waste, encouraging recycling and avoiding any unnecessary emissions. They work continuously to improve aluminium recycling rates and further reduce the environmental footprint of their drink.

Pioneering positive change for how drinks are manufactured, distributed and disposed of, Feel Good has made a commitment to become Carbon Net-Zero by 2025, making them one of the leading purpose-led soft drinks brands in the UK.

Giving back

It doesn’t stop there – Feel Good go the extra mile. Their wholesome ethos is centred around positivity, kindness and care. Valuing the importance of giving back to people and the planet, Feel Good set up the 3% for People & Planet Fund.

Each drink really does count. For every sale of a Feel Good drink, 3% is donated to charities and good causes that support personal and planetary wellbeing. Feel Good have worked alongside charities such as FareShare UK, Only a Pavement Away and Every Can Counts to help make big differences to the lives of individuals, families and communities across the UK and Europe.

3 delicious, low-calorie flavours

It’s not just caring for people and the planet that puts the ‘good’ in Feel Good Drinks. These drinks are packed with flavour and goodness, too. At only 27 calories per can, this tasty, low-sugar, additive-free drink is a real crowd-pleaser amongst those looking to explore lighter drink options. What’s more, the Feel Good range is suitable for vegans.

Their 100% natural sparkling waters are available in 3 delicious flavours; Peach & Passionfruit, Raspberry & Hibiscus and Rhubarb & Apple. All contain 15% real fruit juice and British sparkling water to create a great-tasting refreshing drink. Feel Good Drinks can be enjoyed at any time of the day on their own or mixed with a tipple of your choice to create a light, flavourful cocktail.


Three Feel Good Drinks flavours


What could Feel Good Drinks do for your business?

There’s a place on everyone’s menu for Feel Good Drinks. If you’re on the search for a new, healthy drinks brand your customers will love, then you’ve probably just found what you’re looking for. Feel Good Drinks are a great all-rounder – they taste good, look good and most importantly, they feel good.

Share the feel-good feeling by partnering with Feel Good Drinks. All you need to do is choose which flavours you want to offer, receive your bundle of goodies and put Feel Good Drinks on your dine-in and dine-out menus.

Feel Good is working alongside FODD.network to offer a 4-week trial opportunity for Network Partners and operators interested in listing Feel Good Drinks.

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