Gig Hustle

Meet Jay from Gig Hustle – a YouTube influencer who is shedding light on the on-demand delivery rider and driver economy.

Jay’s YouTube channel, Gig Hustle, has become a tremendous hit amongst those working or interested in working within the gig economy.

As he navigates through the streets of the UK on his electric bike, collecting orders from restaurants and delivering them to the customer’s door, he shares his first-hand experience of what it’s like to work as a delivery rider for Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Stuart.

His channel has gained a huge following of subscribers, with his videos racking up a whopping 1 million views. And it’s not surprising. He’s got great energy, an infectiously positive outlook and some really interesting help, advice and factual information for anyone working within the on-demand delivery sector.

Jay has partnered up with the to provide our partners and wider network with some useful information, hints and tips on how to build successful relationships with third-party delivery riders and drivers, which is key for stimulating advancement and growth within your local delivery area.

Gig Hustle


What can Gig Hustle provide other members of the Network?

Jay set out to provide others working within, or interested in working within, the gig economy, with tried and tested advice and know-how on various ways to maximise income, build multiple revenue streams and invest money made from deliveries when working for apps such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Stuart.

Whilst his channel has gained a vast amount of interest amongst other delivery riders and drivers, his experiences and insights have also proved highly valuable to both restaurants and venues using delivery apps as well as the delivery apps themselves.

As a delivery rider, Jay has a great deal of experience and understanding of how on-demand delivery works, with particular interest and focus on the very last stage of a full-scale on-demand delivery process – the delivery.

His real-time insights present an enormous potential and opportunity for restaurants, stores and venues running on-demand delivery operations to learn, understand and enhance their delivery performance by obtaining a better understanding of the ultimate stage of the delivery process.

Gig Hustle can help you to:

  • Learn about the work and processes of gig workers
  • Understand how you and your teams can develop good relationships with delivery riders and drivers
  • Improve your delivery customer experience
  • Enhance delivery efficiency and productivity
  • Boost profits and drive revenue through third-party delivery channels

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