GUNNA Drinks

Real flavour, true character – that’s what we’re all about.

At GUNNA we make uncompromisingly good low calorie and vegan craft soft drinks, with full-on real fruit flavour and true character. It is our antidote to bland recipes and forgettable personalities, packed into a can with just 73 calories, but still bursting with sophistication.

Who are GUNNA Drinks?

GUNNA drinks

A craft soft drink brand born out of a desire for better options on the market. When we launched back in 2017, we wanted to become an antidote to sugar-packed, flavourless fizzy drinks, and give traditional sugary soft drinks a run for their money.

To take on the giants, we lovingly craft our fizzy soft drinks from real fruit juices, sparkling water and a little sugar. With just a handful of additional ingredients, Gunna contains no nasties and no unnecessary calories. With no artificial colours or preservatives, you can enjoy creative flavours minus any weird ingredients.

What can GUNNA Drinks provide other members of the Network?

Leading cost prices and flexible logistics on innovative soft drinks that differentiate a consumer offering. We also have in house product development expertise which has been the driving force behind GUNNA’s leading taste scores – we are very happy to offer advice to anyone developing a food or drink product.

Are there any special benefits offered via FODD?

Initial order to launch GUNNA on a menu or in chillers will be free.

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