iAmHere allows you to turn any business into a virtual drive-through or offer ‘Curbside Pick-up’.

Its functionality can also enhance ‘order-ahead’ and ‘click-and-collect’ services to manage queues and alert customers when their order is ready.

Curbside collection has been around in the USA for as long as cars have been on the roads. 

Now curbside is rapidly appearing as a drive-through solution across the UK. Naturally catalysed by the recent pandemic, but representing a clear improvement in customer convenience.  

How it works:

Imagine being able to order ahead on a road journey for your coffee or sandwich to be freshly prepared. 

As you pull up to the location (drive through or car park not necessary) you touch the ‘I Am Here’ button on your order app, notifying the business you have arrived. 

Using geolocation and optional additional information you may wish to provide (like vehicle type & colour) the business brings your order directly to you. No parking fees, no walking and queuing in-store – just a quick pit stop, and you’re back on the road.

Queue management – It Is Ready

Businesses can use the ‘It s Ready’ function to notify customers when an order can be collected. 

Rather than queuing in-store or around the counter, the customer can carry on with their day, receiving a notification that their order is ready for collection when your staff click ‘It is Ready’. 

What can iAmHere provide other members of the FODD Network?

  • Convert any business to a drive-through
  • Add click-and-collect services
  • Queue management
  • ‘It Is Ready’ feature manages customer waiting time
  • Push notifications to keep your customers informed.

Special offers for members of the FODD Network:

iAmHere is offering free sign-up during November and December to FODD.network members. 

To become a member, simply sign-up by clicking ‘Enquire Today’ above.

Any other essential information

  • Can be integrated with e-commerce sites as well as API integration for apps.
  • Order-ahead apps also available as a package deal – From £99 per month inclusive of all fees

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