A future-proof, connected and intelligent end-to-end approach that supports venues to survive and thrive in the delivery market. Kbox Global offer a highly targeted delivery solution to quickly and effectively increase your business’ food sales and kitchen productivity.


More and more venues are moving into the online delivery space as they realise that dine-in culture is picking up some serious pace. The pressure is on to do more in order to keep up with the local competition whilst ensuring that your commercial kitchen is financially viable. You’ve got to future-proof your approach to stay ahead of the curve. This means moving with the times and feeding the demand of your local demographics in the most profitable way possible. But how do you do that, without the need to start chopping and changing your current menu, brand or business model?

Kbox Global is a real mover and shaker in the world of online delivery, offering a one-stop-shop to tackle this exact conundrum. This risk-free, easy and speedy solution sets out to revolutionise the way venues are using their kitchens. Shifting away from the mindset, ‘one kitchen, one brand’, Kbox provides venues with the agility to pivot and appeal to ever-evolving delivery taste trends, whilst addressing the need to maximise the efficiency and profitability of commercial kitchens.


What can Kbox do for me?

Kbox offers 30 high-demand delivery brands, which can be licensed to restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and other venues with under-utilised commercial kitchens. From fried chicken, waffles and tacos to vegan-inspired and Indian cuisine, every brand brings something different to the table.

Each delivery brand has its own delicious menu that has been tried, tested and specifically designed to work alongside your current in-house and delivery menus. The dishes can be cooked in your kitchen, by your team in under 15-minutes.

Local customers can find and order from the menus of your chosen delivery brands via delivery aggregators, such as Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Now for the best part. The whole operation takes place without impacting your existing business model. You can continue to do what you’re great at, and what your customers know and love you for, whilst targeting a wider demographic and creating a profitable revenue stream.

And this works, because ultimately customers aren’t really too bothered about where or who is preparing their food. As long as their tastes and wallets are satisfied and delivery is quick and hassle-free, you’re fulfilling the need to feed the demand.

The team at Kbox have the entire end-to-end operation sussed. You’ll be provided with everything needed to get started making delivery brands work for your people, customers and business. From data-led insights and tech solutions that do the leg work, through to training, supply chain support and packaging, Kbox will get you set up and continue to offer support with no capital cost. It’s a painless shift, with minimal risk.


Chefs cooking in a commercial kitchen


What are the benefits of partnering with Kbox?

Over 140 ‘host’ kitchens across the UK are cooking up multiple Kbox delivery brands from their venues. There really are so many benefits of taking this approach to upping your delivery game.

A solution that works with your venue and kitchen space

The beauty of this delivery solution is the great level of versatility it offers – it works for a range of venues and kitchen sizes. Whether you’re a restaurant based in the heart of the hustle and bustle of a busy city, or a hotel venue in a seaside town, if you’ve got a commercial kitchen and capacity to ‘do more’ then Kbox can make brand delivery work for you.

Maximise the use of your commercial kitchen

Traditional kitchens, however big or small, are expensive to run – particularly when under-utilised. When you start external food delivery of Kbox brands, you’ll see a higher return on those costly pieces of equipment that are always on but not necessarily being used. Your kitchen team will be continuously occupied and working together more efficiently.

No costly outlay

You’ve already got your kitchen, your team and your equipment – you’re pretty much there. There’s no costly outlay to get started. With Kbox, you can choose complimentary types of cuisine that work with your existing equipment. You’ve also got the option to invest a little in additional equipment, allowing you to offer a wider variety of menus. The experts at Kbox are on hand with help and advice on how to optimise your facilities and can offer guidance on equipment investment.

A profitable revenue stream

Add another string to your business’s bow without any big changes. The solution works alongside your current business model, so there’s nothing to lose. With Kbox it’s quick and easy to reorganise your kitchen to serve multiple brands and generate revenue quickly.

Quality, tasty and delivery-friendly menus

Each dish, on every menu across the Kbox brands, has been carefully curated by Michelin Star chefs who really know their stuff when it comes to mastering great flavour that works with delivery logistics. The menus are designed to run alongside your current infrastructure and can be easy to train into a lesser skilled kitchen team.

Adapt with new and emerging food trends quickly

The online delivery landscape is continually evolving. Local food demands are driven by cultural and social media trends. Kbox’s data-driven approach means that keeping up couldn’t be easier. Stay attuned with the latest taste trends and be one step ahead of the curve. With Kbox, you’ll become an expert in your local food ecosystem with the ability to adapt quickly to new and emerging trends.

Meet the demands of a broader pallet of tastes

By diversifying the types of cuisine that you offer, you’ve automatically opened the door to a wider demographic pool. From vegan-friendly menus to dairy or gluten-free options, you can achieve far broader audience appeal without the faff of having to change your own menu.
You aren’t tied to one brand. Some hosts are serving menus from a multitude of brands available. So, you really do have a great degree of flexibility in what you can offer, and which pallets you can appeal to.

Wiggle room for change

Nothing is set in stone. If something isn’t working, you can quickly and easily change up and amend your offering. The same goes for if something is working well – you can do more of what customers want.

Quick and easy technological integration

The technology that supports this entire operation is second to none. Kbox ensures that you have all of the technical support you’ll need to run brand delivery. It can be easily integrated with your inventory management systems and with leading online delivery platforms. You can start orders as soon as your kitchen team is ready.

Reports, advice and insights

You’ll receive regular sales and service reports, giving a clear insight into how each menu and each brand is performing. Menus can be tweaked and changed to improve audience appeal, and you can take on new brands as trends play out. Kbox can offer advice on how to approach brand development and social media so that you can stay at the top of your game and achieve profitable growth and ever-improving performance.


How it works:

In 5 simple steps, you can be on the road to increasing your businesses food sales and kitchen efficiency:

  • The location review –  Kbox will scope out your location, using a data-led approach to gain a clear understanding of your local delivery market – what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to food trends, as well as your available delivery platforms.
  • Brand selection – They’ll factor in your kitchen capacity, available kit and supply chain before recommending brands that are going to be a hit in your location. Then, you choose the brands you want to deliver.
  • The tech set-up – On hand with advice and a suite of tech solutions, the team at Kbox will ensure that you have everything you’ll need to run a smooth operation that maximises efficiency and sales.
  • Team training – Via live virtual sessions, team training takes place. You and your kitchen team will be able to access full training guides and video demonstrations on how to cook all of your selected brand menus.
  • Ongoing support – Kbox will continue to support you in full partnership. You’ll receive help, advice, sales and service reporting along the way so that you can continually improve and grow within the delivery market.

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