Oya is an online marketplace platform connecting food vendors with empty or underutilised kitchens across the UK. We aggregate spaces and make them available through a seamless end-to-end booking process, providing flexible kitchen rentals from 1 day to 12 months.

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Oya was founded in 2019 by Mark Newman and Ashley Lockwood, who both had a mission to find a solution to the increasing demand of dark kitchen spaces. With the huge growth in delivery-only food brands, dark kitchens are having to be built from scratch which is costly and a slow route to market for startups.

Oya sources empty or underutilised commercial kitchen spaces across the UK and places food brands on more flexible, short term leases. Renting kitchens for short periods of time with low costs to entry allows them to judge demand in areas before either expanding further or trialling other locations.

We in turn help landlords optimise income from their properties, while they await long term occupants, renovation, redevelopment, or sale.

Our primary clients are food brands, delivery apps, food preparation businesses and click-and-collect.


What can Oya provide other members of the Network?

FODD members will receive a no-fee 12th month with an annual contract through Oya Kitchens.

Are there any benefits provided via FODD?

We will provide FODD members with an exclusive first-look on our newly acquired kitchen spaces.

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