Sortd help food businesses to save time and money by partnering on product sourcing, purchasing, supplier management and logistics.

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Managing supply chains and sourcing the right products can sometimes feel like a logistical nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to finding better products, saving time and money on resourcing and increasing supply chain control, Sortd do exactly what they say on the tin.

With an extensive network of reliable and trusted suppliers, Sortd will help you to seek, source and manage quality products with maximum ease. Their consolidated approach is designed to boost efficiency, so you’ve got more time on your hands to focus on other areas of your food business.

Sortd love to help you win and have a particular interest in supporting business growth. They work wholeheartedly to take a collaborative approach to support your ambitions, values and business goals, becoming an extension of your team and championing your success.


What can Sortd provide other members of the Network?

Help and support to achieve your goals

Whatever your goal, Sortd work by your side to get you to where you want to be. They understand the importance of sourcing the right products, at the right prices.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your costs, source more environmentally-friendly products or are looking for bespoke packaging solutions, Sortd will point you in the right direction and support your business along the way.

Maximum supply chain efficiency

If you’re too busy to get to every detail, would benefit from better purchasing, or would like help with your supply chain then Sortd have you covered. Sortd make product sourcing, purchasing and supplier management as simple as possible.

Not only will they introduce your business to quality suppliers, but they will also consolidate your existing supply chain into one streamlined, convenient channel. If it’s logistical support you need, Sortd can offer supplier management, carry out purchasing on your behalf, arrange bulk purchases and invoice you at the point of order to site or store. They are all about helping you to recoup time and power up on supply chain efficiency.

Quality, reliable products

Sortd want you and your customers to experience better products. With over 30 years of experience in networked sourcing, they have strong connections with an extensive range of dependable and trustworthy suppliers across the globe.

The team at Sortd are passionate about protecting the environment for the future and can help you to source more sustainable and eco-friendly products and merchandise that you and your customers will love.

Increased control

Sortd put you in the driving seat. Their friendly and flexible service is designed to assist you to feel confident in product sourcing, negotiating pricing and finding partners that will support the growth and development of your business. You’ll obtain full visibility and control so you’ve got a clear picture and concise approach to managing your product supply chain.

Cost savings

From sourcing more cost-effective products to managing order quantities, Sortd are particularly nifty when it comes to helping food businesses to reduce costs associated with product supply. Their full-service partnership means that they earn their fees from the savings they make you, so you’ll never see an invoice relating to fees again.


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