Theravada provides information technology that brings peace of mind to brands, providing products, software and services that enhance the perception of your business and increase its viability in its market.


Theravada is a technology partner that companies can rely on for end-to-end consulting, product and service design, delivery and support. Theravada’s strong portfolio of innovative solutions and services is formulated to meet and exceed the needs of enterprise and start-up business in the Hospitality sectors, including on-demand delivery.

Provide turn-key solutions for communication and ordering, their aim is to support you to improve your customer experience and satisfaction, generate loyalty, increase employee productivity and create efficient operations. Their solutions are designed for a variety of businesses within the Hospitality sector, including restaurants, cafés, shops, dark kitchens, etc.


What can Theravada provide other members of the

They are helping businesses to adapt to the new normal with a suite of communication, contactless ordering and payment technologies which make business transformation easy. Together with the technology, Theravada provides the services all business can rely on, such as professional services, engineering, IT infrastructure or the Cloud. They have a highly skilled and experienced service team that brings innovative thinking to the design, installation and management of business solutions. They can provide:


Digital Signage

This can be used to showcase products and convey key messages in-store or end-to-end Drive-Thru services.


Digital ordering

Theravada can easily support your business to adapt to new technologies and the “new normal” with a selection of digital ordering solutions.

They can provide branded Order Ahead mobile and online applications that deepen customer insight by enabling your business to gather valuable information and statistics. This can help you and your teams to review and improve your performance, as well as providing customised offers and promotions to customers.

Theravada also provides on-premises solutions, including Order at Table and Pay at Table technology. This allows customers to avoid queuing and contacting other people. Rather, they can wait at their table until an order is served. Once they are finished, they can directly pay on the go, simply by scanning a QR code from the table. This technology also includes some smart features that enable customers to split the bill if required and add any tips, without any waiter assistance. Whilst these solutions are designed to improve customers’ order experiences, they can also significantly enhance the efficiency of businesses food operations.


Kitchen management

These streamlined kitchen operations and communication solutions improve service and food production. With a big impact on operations and a great return on investment, Theravada’s kitchen system works to reduces ticket times, speed up food preparation and improve food quality as well as overall business profitability and staff efficiency.


Are there any special benefits offered via FODD?

For FODD partners interested in any solution, Theravada will provide a 10% discount on the first store deployed.

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