Cinema-style popcorn with a FREE HD MOVIE!

Our long-lasting, great tasting popcorn will help to boost your Average Transaction Value by creating the perfect delivery meal deal offer.

Each box of popcorn provides the complete package for a perfect night-in experience: combining an incredibly moreish treat and a free movie with every box.

Popcorn with a FREE HD Movie

THE KERNEL only uses natural ingredients to create his four signature boxes:

Sweet & Salted, Sweet, Salted and Sweet & Cinnamon.

It’s the finest popcorn you’ll ever taste. Why? It’s been made by THE KERNEL a.k.a the corn popping bad-ass. He takes a no-nonsense approach to popcorn – using only natural ingredients and small batch techniques – creating popcorn that demands your attention. 

What’s more, THE KERNEL loves a good time. As a result he throws in a free movie with every box – so he really is offering you the ultimate night in.