Our thoughts and reviews on the best apps to grow your food business.

In a world where digitalisation is essential for growing with customer demand, now is the time to turn your attention to what apps can do to support your business to succeed in on-demand delivery.

Apps for now and for the future

As the number of businesses venturing into on-demand delivery continues to rise, as do the number and variety of apps available on the market designed to support restaurants, dark kitchens and venues to win at on-demand delivery.

These apps have been specifically created to make our lives a little easier, organisation slicker, operations greener and enhance our understanding of our customers, employees and wider stakeholders.

Find the best on-demand delivery apps for your business

Let’s be honest, with so many options out there, it can be tricky to see the wood between the trees when it comes to choosing apps that can really make a difference and actually work to generate a healthy return on investment for your food delivery business.

Fear not. Here at the, we’re here to help you to find and connect with some of the very best, tried and tested apps and Saas providers who can really support your business in both the long and short term.

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Apps for on-demand delivery brands

Whether you’re just starting out and seeking new ways to make your products available to your customers, want to improve your customers’ experiences with your brand or are looking for a solution that will help you to streamline operational workflow, staff management and data collection, we can point you in the right direction of some of the UK’s most up and coming, popular and effective apps based around your business’s core ambitions. There are so many different types of apps, but we’ll give you a quick introduction to some of the most popular apps being used by food delivery businesses just like yours.

Order ahead apps

Order ahead apps are generally, bespoke, branded order platforms that enable customers to pre-order and pay for a food delivery order. Digital ordering technology is essential for businesses providing on-demand delivery, click and collect and curbside pickup. And, in recent times, restaurants, pubs and cafes have also used order ahead apps as a means of facilitating safer dine-in experiences.

Loyalty card apps

Loyalty – the ultimate relationship that brands aim to obtain with their customers. But how do you do this in the digital world? Loyalty apps are now available to a wide range of businesses operating in food delivery, helping brands to boost engagement, increase order value and offer personalised marketing communications – all of which all lead to stronger relationships and an increase in loyalty amongst the most valuable customers. Many loyalty card apps can be integrated with pre-existing platforms and CRMs to offer a smooth and seamless on-brand experience that really resonates with customers.

POS apps

Point of sales apps are essentially modernised, cloud-based versions of traditional POS systems. Once a POS app is installed on a device, it can be accessed and used from any location, giving food delivery businesses far greater flexibility and adaptability as to where and how they operate. Whilst they have become increasingly popular within restaurants, pubs and cafes, where in-house staff can take orders and process payments directly from tables, they are also a real game-changer for businesses operating on-demand delivery including cloud and dark kitchens.

Curbside collection apps

Curbside pick up offers a go-between home delivery and click and collect. In order to provide a well-connect, communicative and successful service, brands need reliable software that effectively connects them to the curbside collection customer in real-time. Curbside pick up apps are now available to food delivery brands. These apps can be integrated with their current platforms and systems to facilitate fast, efficient and on-brand curbside collection.

Workflow apps

These apps are designed to optimise operational workflow by digitalising the workday, helping food businesses to achieve a more consistent, streamlined approach to compliance tasks and day-to-day running. These apps assist businesses to manage tasks whilst boosting productivity, efficiency and reducing costs.

Staffing and employment

There are staffing and employment apps that are designed to do the leg work when it comes to managing staff. They’ll help you to reduce paperwork and the amount of time needed to manage schedules, shifts and employees. Some of these apps are more geared towards helping business owners to take the time and complexities out of job advertising whilst others are specifically designed to store and monitor records and important information about staff training, performance as well as payroll, providing an all-in-one space to manage HR. Many find that staffing and employment apps offer a more streamlined communications system between employer and employee, whilst helping them to connect to people looking for work within their local area.

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