How can this help me be successful?

We advocate multiple sales streams for any hospitality business and one of the best ways to generate additional sales from a commercial kitchen with additional capacity is by adding delivery focused brands. You need to have a customer base within a local radius and either your own delivery network or be covered by the third party delivery platforms.

What’s a delivery focussed only brand?

These are brands that operate exclusively or have least been created primarily as a delivery focussed business. The benefits of operating a delivery only brand is that it allows you to branch out into other cuisines that may be more beneficial for you to sell to your customers or new customers that you don’t currently attract via your offering. They can also be specific day part focussed so as well as selecting the right cuisine to sell you can choose to fill in day parts that you’re not currently serving.

Should I create my own or use a franchise brand?

Ultimately the choice of this is personal. If you’re skilled at creating brands, menus, marketing, social media and have the time and resources to bring them to life successfully, then owning them yourself is always going to be better.

An alternative solution (that we are keeping a close eye on) is now available in the UK and we predict the same success as has been seen in the USA. The solution is to use franchise brands. These brands are created by companies whose expertise is in the creation of brands, writing the recipes, creating the menus, negotiating the savings and third party platform listings and taking care of all the marketing required to drive demand. This approach leaves you, the operator, to concentrate on preparing the food and handing it over to the courier network.

Who should I check out?

Take a look at KBOX Global who have created a suite of brands that are already listed on the third party platforms and trading successfully. Let them know sent you to them for some extra special service or chat to us first and we can send you to the right person. KBOX will review your location and recommend what brands out of their growing suite of some 30, will be best to serve.

What areas are successful?

You’re gong to need to be in an area that has a decent reach of population and be covered by the main delivery operators. This doesn’t need to be in Central London or just the major cities but a small village of 5,000 population is unlikely to be profitable for both parties.

How else can my kitchen be successful with cloud kitchen brands?

The beauty of linking up with someone like KBOX is that they will analyse the market for you, the population reach and the types of cuisines that are likely to be most successful. They have created menus in such a way that multiple concepts can be run from the same kitchen using much of the same base ingredients. So you won’t end up with running just one concept but multiple concepts from one location. And in true partnership their success is your success so you both have the same goal of increasing sales and being successful. A model I like.

How can help

This is a new area so we’d advise if this is an area of interest to you that you get in touch early. Send us your business postcode/s and we’ll let you know your reach and suitability for adding franchise brands. Free for you lovely readers.

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