Menu Development Essentials:

  • The right delivery menu will need to be robustly tested in transit. It must be tested for the period of time between leaving a kitchen and being transported via rider to a customer’s location. This can be a 20 min journey. 
  • A delivery menu must contain clear product descriptions. Not all the platforms include photos with their menu description!
  • Don’t put EVERYTHING you do as a restuarant onto a delivery menu. Be selective and sell your best-selling menu items that also arrive at their best with the customer. 
  • Make sure your menu is balanced and offers something for all dietary needs.
  • Consider desserts, snacks, drinks as Average-Transaction-Value driving items
  • Alcohol will only form a small part of any delivery menu sales unless you bundle an offer. Most homes have alcohol but if you’re serving a hotel district then do have one of two options.
  • Bundle items together for value and to create an experience. Use our popcorn + movie deal to create a night in experience that lasts for 3 hours rather than a 30 min meal.

How can FODD help with menu development?

We can put you in touch with the right person or business. 

Depending on your stage of development, you might be seeking someone to help create a concept or just help with a particular dish. Are you getting the best out of your supply chain? Buying the right ingredients at the right cost? or just looking for some trend advice?

Getting your menu right is critical to your success and we have a network of experts who can help.

What are the benefits of the service?

If you get your menu right you stand a chance – if you get it wrong you have no chance. 

Our network can support from free initial advice through to recommending the right suppliers.

Who would most benefit from the service?

Anyone or any business who is not 100% confident in this area should get in touch today.

Menu development experts know how to build a compelling menu – One that is on-trend and creates craveability. 

They know how to create the best menu from a base of ingredients and how to correctly cost that menu so it makes you money and does not create unnecessary waste. 

They know suppliers, supply chains and can negotiate the best rates.

Often businesses only need menu professionals for peak times ahead of launching new menus. By tapping into our network of experts and freelance professionals, businesses can pay for what they need without adding additional headcount. Many of these experts work across several brands and cuisines meaning each business benefits from their expertise and continued evolving knowledge.

Find out more

Here at FODD our team of expert consultants are happy to demonstrate how our network partners can help your food business.