Covering most (if not all) of your purchased products and services, our Purchasing Support service can help any business of any size.

What are the benefits of Purchasing Support?

I’ve found this a funny subject to discuss with businesses in the past. I think to some, it sounds too good to be true. I remember someone pitching it to me a long time ago when I worked at TGI’s and I thought na’h, can’t be as easy as that. So I didn’t do it.

Forward on 20+ (cough) years and I’ve seen it add £100k’s of profit direct to the bottom line of businesses every year. That’s per business not a total.

So what is purchasing support and how does it work?

A purchasing company or individual aggregates order volume of standard lines to create a bulk purchasing discount. These people are experts in what they do working across commodities that can have prices locked in over periods of years down to daily consumables such as napkins or cleaning materials as well as your standard food and drink products.

The clever bit – why it works

These individuals and/or businesses mission and reason for being, is to SAVE YOU MONEY. Yes I’m shouting here because one of the best ways to make money is to save it. Remember YOU DON’T PAY FOR these services. You get to keep all the savings and your purchasing agent makes their money from the negotiated deal with the supplier. So you get the same product, from often the same supplier but at a saving. You win, they win, the suppliers win. Sounds too good to be true. It’s not. It’s not, it is just true.

Who would most benefit from Purchasing Support?

I’ve seen this work from small organisations who don’t have a purchasing director or the owner of the business doesn’t have the time, experience or enthusiasm to do this work through to £100m turnover businesses where they have an outsourced purchasing director negotiating the large contracts and earning their payment from those deals.

The beauty is that you can get savings, on the products you’re buying today, without it costing you and money or much time other than picking up the phone and starting the process.

Speak to Rich Platt and CFC Procurement to chat to one of the most enthusiastic and friendly people I’ve met in recent years.

Other individuals and companies are available but do your research and get a recommendation. Rich Platt is ours.

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