• Setting up a cloud kitchen is much simpler than setting up a physical restaurant.
  • We can put you in touch with possible vacant spaces.

Getting Started

If you know where you’d like to operate from then we’ll start approaching those operators who host in those areas.

If you don’t yet know where you’d like to be then there’s multiple considerations you’ll need to consider – some top ones are

  • Population reach
  • Demographic
  • Competition in the area
  • Delivery platform coverage

Our Cloud Kitchen Network

We have a network of businesses who manage a large number of commercial kitchens.We also have an ever expanding knowledge of regional kitchen spaces. 

Once you have located your ideal kitchen then you’ll negotiate a deal that suits your business needs whether this is your first entry to the market or you’re an experienced operator.

Strong Foundations

If you’re starting your first kitchen then marketing plans are going to be vital. You are going to have to create the demand. This cannot be overlooked – Deliveroo added 11,000 new businesses to their platform between March and October 2020 alone! 

Get set up on the delivery platforms  – this is going to take 2-3 weeks if not longer. Again there’s a huge rise in demand to the platforms to be listed so start this process early.

Plan for your launch to include testing, a PR and marketing plan.

What are the benefits of working with a Cloud Kitchen?

  • You can choose where to operate and set up quickly without the need for huge capital expenditure associated with new restaurants.
  • You can plan for the delivery reach you need to be successful.
  • No long term contracts associated with the high street.
  • Rent from the hour or your own dedicated kitchen space – there’s a lot of different operating models and offers out there.
  • Test out your brand, get set up quickly, prove a model. 
  • Run multiple brands from one space – get creative.

How can FODD help you get started in a Cloud Kitchen?

  • We have been involved in cloud kitchen and dark store markets for a number of years. We can help share experiences and insight 

Who would most benefit from the service?

  • Businesses looking to test out brands or roll out existing brands via the on-demand delivery channels.
  • Cloud kitchens can also be used for next day delivery services or CPU’s

Find out more

Here at FODD our team of expert consultants are happy to demonstrate how our network partners can help your food business.