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Something new and exciting is in the making here at HQ.

Introducing project GOLF FANG – our latest venture in on-demand delivery.

The back story

We’ve been consulting on their plans to create a 6,000 square foot food hall as part of their overall 40,000 sq ft entertainment venue, comprising GOLF FANG, Birdees Bar and the food court – a really exciting new venue.

As part of the process and the more we worked alongside the hugely talented and creative teams we thought the opportunity to get involved was too good to pass up. So we ended up recommending ourselves for the job!

GOLF FANG provides a crazy golf experience like no other. Their concept combines crazy golf, theatre, cocktails, DJ’s and Street Food, creating a completely immersive crazy golf experience with something new to explore around every corner. The venue is covered wall to wall in incredible artwork, showcasing the very best of street artwork and Graffiti Culture.

This summer, GOLF FANG are opening their new location and 4th site to date in Glasgow. Our first food unit will be in this phase one opening with the food court pencilled in for later in 2021 or early 2022.

GOLF FANG’s customers are the core demographic for on-demand delivery and so we’ve chosen KBOX to partner with as their offer and our needs are so closely aligned.

The beauty of using KBOX as our food brand partner are many but for a new operation like ours, here are some of the clear benefits and reasons it’s a no-brainer:

  • KBOX established brands
  • Menus and recipes already complete
  • Social media channels and marketing managed by KBOX
  • Supply chain set up
  • Costings and margin work done
  • Photography done
  • Delivery partners deals set and on-boarding process simple
  • Super support and account managers from KBOX to help with the process

Who are KBOX?

dark kitchen

If you haven’t already heard about who KBOX are and some of the fantastic work they do, we’ll give you a quick rundown.

One of KBOX’s core goals is to support businesses with underutilised commercial kitchens to get more out of their assets and boost income via on-demand delivery. They work alongside restaurants, cafes, hotels and a range of other venues, licencing a suite of delivery brands. KBOX offer over 30 ready-to-go brands that cater for a broad selection of consumer tastes and preferences.

From fried chicken and hot dogs through to plant-based options and Mexican-inspired cuisine, each brand is complete with its own menu featuring a range of dishes. Food businesses with commercial kitchens can licence these delivery brands and generate additional revenue using their existing kitchen facilities, without having to make drastic changes to their business model.

KBOX’s solution has proven successful for a wide array of businesses up and down the country. Back in August 2020, Best Western Westminster Hotel in Nottingham approached KBOX for help when they wanted to introduce a takeaway service to their existing offering. After launching, the hotel’s revenue saw a tasty increase of £3k per week via KBOX brands. Over in Leamington Spa, Urban Fox, an independent community pub, contacted KBOX when sales ground to a halt due to the impacts of the global pandemic. KBOX supported the team to quickly move into on-demand delivery, serving up the very best fried chicken to their local catchment area. The results were outstanding, with the average weekly sales for KBOX brands hitting just under £4k during the launch period.

The proof is in the pudding. This is a dynamic solution that really works and we can’t wait to share a slice of KBOX magic with GOLF FANG customers and delivery customers within Glasgow city centre.


When presented with the chance to work alongside GOLF FANG, we knew we needed to move fast and jump into action if we wanted to get involved with this golden opportunity. We required a reliable solution that would get us to market quickly, whilst ensuring that we could serve great tasting food that GOLF FANG customers would love. KBOX were able to provide just that.

absurd bird

Here’s why we’ve chosen to partner with KBOX:

Pre-designed menus

There’s a lot involved in creating new brands. Due to our timescale, we needed a fast and effective solution. KBOX offers a choice of pre-designed, tried and tested food brands. Each brand has its own menu and selection of dishes as well as recipes and instructions on how to prepare the food.

The menus themself are fun, innovative and packed with plenty of delicious options that we just know our customers are going to love. There’s no need to spend time designing and trialling new menus and flavours or even trying to reinvent the wheel – the leg work has been done because everything has already been developed for us.

All we need to do is choose the brands, menus and dishes we want to serve and we’re good to go. It really is a plug and play solution that allows us to adapt rapidly and change our offering based on consumer trends and taste preferences.

Quick and easy preparation

We need to make sure that we are able to provide GOLF FANG customers with delicious high-quality and on-trend dine-in options that can be prepared quickly to keep up with the footfall during peak times. Food quality is of utmost importance to KBOX and they are committed to achieving great-tasting food that works for delivery.

Their ability to achieve this has undoubtedly been a key driver behind both their own and their partners’ success stories. Each KBOX dish has been curated by a Michelin star chef who really know their stuff and has been able to marry together amazing tasting flavour and quality with quick and on-demand preparation efficiency.

Our kitchen team will be given instructions on how to prepare and cook each dish in under 15 minutes so that we can keep up with customer demand whilst achieving consistency in dish quality.

On-site and on-demand

GOLF FANG is located just 500 metres away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow city centre. Because KBOX’s brands are designed for on-demand delivery, we’ve got a superb opportunity to go one step further. This solution means that not only can we serve dine-in GOLF FANG customers, but also on-demand delivery customers living and working within Glasgow city centre too.

We’ll offer a selection of KBOX brands and dishes to GOLF FANG customers, as well as to delivery customers. GOLF FANG customers will be able to order and consume their food on-premises, whilst delivery customers will be able to view, order and receive KBOX brands via UberEats if they’re located within the delivery catchment area.

All dishes will be prepared by our team operating within our new commercial kitchen location inside GOLF FANG, using the existing kitchen facilities. This means that we can double up on efficiency, achieve a wider customer reach and boost our profitability, all without having to invest heavily in additional kitchen space, facilities or kitchen staff.

The complete set-up

It’s not just the brands and menus that have already been developed. KBOX will also take care of all of the resourcing. They’ll handle the supply chain, including product packaging and ingredients to ensure that we have everything we need to start serving customers.

That means we can focus solely on cooking quality dishes that appeal to GOLF FANG and on-demand delivery customers without having to spend time sourcing supplies, managing stock or calculating costings.

KBOX will also ensure that we have everything we need to run a smooth and efficient operation. When we reach the tech set-up stage, they’ll provide a kitchen order tablet and will also put KBOX brands on the map, working with third party delivery aggregators Uber Eats to make the brands visible and available to on-demand customers. Plus, they’ll do all of the marketing, managing social media content and online visibility.

KBOX support

One of the best things about working with KBOX is the level of support and expertise they are able to provide. They want business’s on-demand delivery ventures to succeed and develop. The team at KBOX have understood what we’re trying to achieve and are onboard with our ambitions. From kitchen layout to staff resourcing, KBOX has been on hand to provide plenty of useful help and advice so far.

Stay tuned to find out more about our new collaboration with KBOX GLOBAL and GOLF FANG Glasgow.
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